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BALA Lighting

About Us

Foshan Shunde Bala Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd, founded in 1994, is a foreign-funded enterprise manufacturing high-quality indoor and outdoor decorative lighting; ISO9001:2015, UL, CSA and CE certified. Over the years, we have developed a diverse set of products as well as a multitude of manufacturing and finishing technologies.

Bala Lighting has been a longstanding and trusted supplier for top brands in the lighting industry bringing together design concepts and ideas with engineering and manufacturing expertise to deliver outstanding products to a mass audience.

Our vertically-integrated factories providing streamlined production processes from metal fabrication and welding, polishing, electroplating, electrocoating, paint and powder coating, and a large product assembly workshop. Production capacity 120+ containers per month at our headquarters in Foshan.

At Bala, we value quality and efficiency and conduct business in a socially responsible manner. To achieve this, we employ a highly experienced engineering and management team, over 500 skilled workers, modern production equipment with strict safety guidelines and efficient waste treatment filtering processes all housed under a 30,000 sqm facility.

Manufacturing Processes

Management Office

Engineering and Management

An engineering and management team comprising of fast-paced fresh grads to seasoned experts in manufacturing, mechanical design, and surface finishing technologies.

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management eng2 npd eng1
Machine Shop A - Hydraulic Press

Metal Forming Processes

  • Sheet metal fabrication techniques including stamping and deep drawing, spin forming, laser cutting, plasma cutting etc
  • Tube processing techniques including laser cutting, endforming, and other various forming techniques
  • Mould and die production
  • Joining: gas, arc, brazing, laser welding of various metals
  • Polishing and buffing (brass, steel, aluminum)
laserweld cncSpin lasertube
hPres laserweld cncSpin lasertube
Powder Coating

Surface Finishing

  • Fully-automated bath electroplating and electrocoating lines specializing in high-end decorative finishes (nickel, black nickel, copper, chrome, imitation gold, and more)
  • Fully-automated powder and paint coating lines
  • PVD for long-term warranty items under stressed service conditions
  • Chemical dying and finishes
  • Highly-trained artisans for hand painting and hand-made finishes
  • All of these techniques come together to produce a vast multitude of colour options
powderWorkshop powderRobot handPainting
powderRobot powderWorkshop powderRobot handPainting
Assembly Workshop A

Product Assembly and Warehousing

  • Assembly lines with over 200 skilled workers practicing lean and JIT principles and engaging regularly in Kaizen events
  • ESD-protected assembly lines for electronic components and LED-integrated fixtures
  • Warehouse capacity of 100+ containers
assemblyLine qualityInspection warehouse
assemblyA assemblyLine qualityInspection warehouse
Official Operating Licences

Filtration and Environmental Protection

  • At Bala, we believe that being environmentally and socially responsible is vital to the long-term development of our business. We take extra precaution to ensure all regulations are met for everything we do.
  • Phosphate coating wastewater treatment plant
  • Exhaust filtration for polishing and buffing
  • Exhaust filtration for paint and powder coating
  • Electroplating and EPD wastewater treatment
exhaustTreatment waterTreatment
envPermit exhaustTreatment waterTreatment




Address: 8 Ronggui South Ave., ShunDe District, Foshan City, Guangdong

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